2 astonishing masks for splitting ends – fast results

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We will present you a couple of masks for split ends for a lasting solution to this troublesome problem.

If you suffer from dry hair and you often have to maintain it with all sorts of shampoos, conditioners and masks, but the results in absolutely no way could satisfy you, then now is the time to enjoy our valuable advices.


The problem with the splitting ends worries absolutely every woman with dry hair. No matter how often you visit the beauty salons to get rid of them, after a week or even a shorter period of time, they are back again.


The process becomes complicated, and not every woman has the opportunity to attend the expensive salons every other day. And it is not even necessary in the presence of homemade masks for splitting ends. We offer an easy solution and from you is only required to believe in the power of your two hands.


Homemade solution

Very fast and simple solution turns out to be the use of beer. Take just a little beer (maybe some left over from last night, opened). You need only a few tablespoons of beer. They must be warmed in a microwave. You should not overheat the beer. Apply it on your hair with the help of massage movements and then put on a shower cap. Stay with the mask for 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.


The easiest recipe

Many women have heard about the wonderful properties of the mayonnaise. The product could save you from the splitting ends. For this purpose you need to obtain only mayonnaise. You do not even need to combine the product with anything else.


The mayonnaise is necessary to be applied on the ends of your dry hair. Allow it to absorb for half an hour and then rinse. In this case the hair needs to be washed with a shampoo. 2 times a week are enough to help you get rid once and for all from the problems with the dry and split ends.


These masks for splitting ends and dry hair are really quite easy to do, and at the same time do a great job for the solution of this unpleasant problem.


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