A few misconceptions about beautiful hair

Image:©Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

1. Splitting ends can be healed  

A lie! The only way to save yourselves from splitting ends is to cut them off. There are no products which to return the shine of the already ruined hair, it should be cut off.

2. Cutting strengthens the hair and makes it grow faster

A lie! The hair grows from the roots not the ends.

3. Cutting your hair at full moon will make your hair great  

To wake up tomorrow or a week later with great hair may sound intriguing but unfortunately it is just a myth.

4. If you pluck a gray hair, two will come after it

Again a total lie. If it was true there would not be hair falling cosmetic products. Just pluck one gray hair and have two afterwards… then you can dye your new hair in the color you like. Horrible!!

5. 100 times combing your hair before bed guarantees shine and fast growth

Yes, legends are a great thing! But let’s think reasonably. Nothing overused is useful, even combing. It can not cause faster growth but faster greasing of the hair. Let’s not say that the hair breaks faster and you can irritate the skin of your head. Sometimes well-known recipes are not only useless but can be even harmful.



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