Autumn hair masks return the strength and vitality of the hair

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Autumn hair masks in assistance to the damaged hair


Very likely lots of women forget to care properly for their hair during the summer months of the year.


Holidays, sun, sea and the hair remains in the background. Maybe you need the typical season beautification to restore the strength and the shine of your hair.


For this purpose it is good head to the making of autumn hair masks, which are considered as true magic.


There is no better “rehabilitation” for the hair than a dose of natural ingredients. The products for the preparation of the masks are selected carefully. Prepare and restore the strength of your hair!


Autumn hair masks that maintain the beauty of the hair:


Apple mask: We can not do without the apples. They are a miraculous means to cure illnesses and often are a component in the preparation of awesome cosmetic products.


This time we shall pay attention to the apples concerning the improvement of the appearance of the hair. The fruits are rich in vitamins C, A, C and E. They are a real blessing for the hair.


In addition, they contain and a lot of minerals: iron, potassium, copper, sodium and manganese. To take advantage to the utmost of their various restorative powers, use finely grated apples.


Recipe: One apple, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and ½ coffee cup of fresh lemon juice are mixed. It is recommended that the mixture to stay on the head within half an hour.


It is washed thoroughly with water. Do the procedure once a week and you will enjoy healthy hair.


Pumpkin mask: The pumpkin is a very tasty product often used in the culinary. With its help are made miraculous masks, which are able to create real magic with the appearance of the hair.


The roasted pumpkin is no longer applicable only in the culinary. It is very useful in hair problems. Instantly turn it into a healing mask and get rid of the disadvantages.


Recipe: A tea cup of grape juice, a teaspoon of honey, 3 drops of vinegar and 50 grams of mashed roasted pumpkin are combined.


When you mix all these ingredients and stir them well, put directly on the hair roots. Apply the mask evenly and leave for 20 minutes.


Because it is quite strong, the procedure should not be done more than once a month. It will nourish the hair in depth and have it ready for the winter challenges, ensuring strong “immunity”.


The beautiful locks will no longer be an illusion for you. Try the autumn nourishing hair masks and feel like never before.


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