Bananas for hair. The most easy and great mask for nourishing and shine

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Bananas for hair – a true delight for your hair


Bananas for hair have used the women many years ago. To this day this tradition has been preserved and more and more young girls reach out for this so wonderful fruit used for the making of many useful and healing hair masks. The banana has a great application in cosmetics.


It is used for teeth whitening, weight loss, for overall health and not the least for the hair. Bananas for hair in the form of homemade procedure is one of the ways to acquire a hairstyle for which all the others will envy you.


Every single treatment, attendance at expensive beauty salons, home straightening, dyeing and everything else influences badly the hair as a whole. It loses its vitality and right then come to the rescue the irreplaceable bananas.


The fruit has different in type properties. Moreover, it has a wonderful taste and aroma. It is ideal for treatments at home, as they are easy to make and bring great results in a short time.


Mask with bananas


You need one egg, two bananas, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and the same amount of yogurt. All products are stirred. As a beginning the bananas must be mashed in a bowl, and then separate the yolk from the white of the egg (you only need the egg white). It is broken down into powder and added to the bowl with the bananas. Then put the honey, yoghurt and olive oil.


The hair must be clean and pre-washed with a suitable shampoo. On wet hair is applied the ready mixture and left to act for 30 minutes. The mask should be washed with a little bit of shampoo. Your hair will acquire shine, softness and will look simply amazing.


Besides that you will feel more beautiful and you will increase your self-esteem, you will enjoy a great aroma that the mask will have after its making. Bananas for hair are used for problems with exhausted and long treated hair which needs hydration.


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