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There are various hair means through which you can look different every day.
Special hair effects – coloring shampoo

They fresh up the color and make it glossy when the hair is dull. Pigments do not go into the hair but only stay on its top. They enhance the natural color and give it gloss. Bigger changes and longer efficiency is impossible due to the shampoos having no oxidizing elements.

Through chamomile shampoos the hair has a light blond shade. Clay shampoos give the dark hair nice shades of red, mahogany to brown.

For every coloring shampoo you should know: if you wash only once with them the effect will disappear to the next washing. If you use them regularly with time the color will become more long-lasting because the pigment will accumulate on the hair.

Advice: if you have greasy hair and wash it two times a week, first wash it with regular shampoo and then with the coloring shampoo.
Change of color as a first try: possible with toners
If you want without any risk to try new shades not that different from your natural one, then the ideal tool is the so called directly penetrating toner. Here the pigments do not penetrate the hair as well, they only accumulate but significantly more intensive than the coloring shampoos. If the color is not renewed it fades in 6-8 washes. If you do not like the result you can cover it with another shade without damaging the hair’s structure. With directly penetrating toners, the hair can be up to ten shades darker. Lightening is not possible. Such toners are in the form of gel, emulsion or cream. Similar to them but more long-lasting are the vegetable dyes where main substance is the clay depending on the shade, mixed with coffee, tea, walnuts or chamomile.
Long-lasting color effect: dye coloring
If you are sure in the chosen color you can color your hair. This process is called coloring (dyeing). Colors of such kind you can recognize because before the usage an oxidizer should be added to them. Through it part of the natural pigment is destroyed so that the new pigments can penetrate with the assistance of oxygen. With the dye you can have almost every color, lighter or darker. Exception is the sharp shades, very dark to light blond. And something else – gray hair is colored very well. Due to the hair structure changing through chemical processes, the dyed hair needs more care. Recommended are special shampoos, masks and conditioners. They keep it elastic, give it gloss and stabilize the color.
Good to know: it is not enough to just cover the grown hair. The dye in the roots should be renewed every 4-6 weeks as the hair is separated into strands and the roots are colored. This requires patience and skills. If you do not have them – better go to a hairdresser.
Dream blond: inappropriate are quick experiments

To blond yourself is possible with hair dyes and intensive toners but only if your hair should be three shades lighter. If you skip more than three shades (from black to bright blond) the hair should first be treated with blonder (brightening) and then colored in the wanted shade. Better do this at the hairdresser’s because the blonder damages the hair. Then the hair is extremely sensitive and needs special care, the roots should be regularly lightened.
Blond shades are a solution for everybody who wants to brighten their hair. The professional can achieve every lightening effect through more or less strands, the selection and mixture of appropriate blond shades.
Which blond shade is appropriate for you? It depends on the color type. To the yellowish skin type, “spring” and “autumn” fit every warm, golden to reddish shades. To light skin with bluish sub-shade type “summer” and “autumn” fit every ash and silver tones of blond .
Pretty, screaming and easy to wash: bright strands with hair mascara
Bright stripes in your hair are a true hit in the hairstyling. They are colored through hair mascaras or gel-color. The method is very easy: first shape the hair then separate the strands that will be colored and place the brush a few times over the strand. While the strands are still wet, curl them and leave them dry. Then do not brush. The gel is put on with fingers where wanted. You can dye with the mascara thick or thin strands – it is all up to you, hair styling does not have rules.
Advice: before going to sleep brush the dye so you do not paint your pillow. The next day the remains are easily washed.



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