Does the hair tell about our mood?

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According to a research, ladies who often go to the hair salon and often do drastic things with their hair are often unsatisfied. They feel unappreciated and unnoticed.
What is their motivation?
Subconsciously they want to tell the world “See, I changed!” They feel some kind of inner discomfort and do not approve or accept themselves. Namely with the frequent changes they seek for the harmony. Their wish for a new appearance will attract the attention of the other people and they will be the center of the attention (even for short). According to psychologists these women undertake drastic changes because they are not sure in themselves, that their place is not on the side, the change of hair is a try to escape the anonymous shadow and establish an individual image.
Yes, the color and shape of the hair express personal style.  For example if you have dyed your hair blond, you send signals to the other people that you want attention, compliments. You want to be more liked.

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If you have chosen the black color you are a strong person. You prefer to control what is happening around you but not let things happen alone.

The red hair is a sign of passion, temper and sensuality. You often change moods and opinions.

The brown color expresses genuineness and honesty. These ladies are calmer and more balanced.
If a woman tries to escape, hair says all about it.

“After the colors come the men, I change them as well.”
Clearly the hair color sends a massage, its change – another one. Drastic changes of the hair style tell that something is not right with you…look at yourselves in the mirror and decide.



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