Dry Hair

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The dry hair has no shine, constantly splits and breaks along its length. Sometimes, dry dandruff appears, but this happens very rarely. If your hair is normal, it is possible for it to become dry as the years go by. Curly hair is also very dry. Bleached and dyed hair is dry at the ends and greasy at the roots, which of course is another big problem of the blonds.

Ladies with dry hair can make a lot about their hair if they have the time and desire. 50% of the cosmetic companies work just for them. On the first place, they have to buy a shampoo that is as soft as possible. Such a shampoo usually contains different additives (avocado, egg lecithin and lanolin, jojoba oil, silk proteins, milk and honey), that make the hair elastic, moisturize it better and protect it from the harmful influences of the environment. They also have to obtain a conditioner for dry hair and a mask that is rich in nourishing ingredients.

The effects badly on the hair – sun protection sprays must be used in the summer to protect from the harmful UV rays. In winter months the dry hair suffers from the cold outside and also the dry air in the heated rooms. Hair masks rich in nourishing ingredients must be very often used then and crystals for hair ends must be used every day.

The dying of dry the hair must be done with very carefully chosen dyes. If the ends are split, then unfortunately, you have to cut them. Before applying the dye, you have to apply along the hair length some suitable oil – could be olive oil (put a few drops on your palm and spread it along the ends with the goal to protect them from burning). You can drop some oil or olive oil in the dye as well.

Firstly, apply on the roots, leave for 25 minutes, and then spread the rest of the dye on the ends and in 5 minutes dampen the hair with cool water, apply a little quantity of shampoo (most dyes have shampoo inside that is foamed after wetting) and massage slightly the entire hair for a few minutes. Rinse with cool water and apply conditioner for after-dying. Thus, you will give a completed look to your hair and it won’t be dry and damaged.




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