For flawless hair color

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The hair color for women is very important; it underlines the beauty and attributes to the good confidence.

If you want your colored hair to look flawless, shiny and glossy you need to abide by the following advices:
1. Respect your natural color
“Use your natural color (even if it is the last dye you used) as base for the new one. It should not be lighter or darker than your hair color with more than two shades at a time” says Rachel Glen from Prink Salon in Chicago.
2. Keep the color fresh
Brightening the hair with warmer shades can be a shocking change. On the other hand choose a color from the so called cool or neutral, to be “on the safe side” for those who dye their hair for the first time because they will more easily get used to their new hair.
3. Do not save from the hair dye 
Imagine the hair dye ends during dyeing… It is not a nice thing, right?! The quantity in many packages is enough for a medium length hair (to the shoulders). So: “Be careful, says Pathy Slatery, head for the L’Oreal Technical Center, if your hair is longer of very thick – buy more.”

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4. Trust the tools
The tools for hair coloring which are in the package are not very reliable. If you want the dyeing to go well, buy professional tools from a cosmetics store. This way the process will be more effective as well as more pleasant.
5. Test before coloring
Save yourselves the desperation from the unsuccessful dyeing as well as the money you will save from it to “fix” the color. Test the dye on a strand of hair before dyeing all of it. This way you will know what to expect.
6. Treat you hair well

The incompliance between the color in the roots and the one at the tips after dyeing is received due to the various shades of your own color (which is in the roots) and the one of your already colored hair.
This happens when the colored hair grows. This way the color difference is visible.
Better take a friend for advice and use 3 mirrors to see your hair from all sides so you can carefully put the dye on.
You need refreshing of the color of your entire hair? Put on dye only in the roots, 5 minutes later place it all over the hair.
7. Freshen your hair with a haircut
The more you take care of your hair, the better its color will be. Choose a shampoo for dyed hair and the respective conditioner, use it at least once a week.

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8. Lovely with age
To cover the gray hair, the color you choose should be between the shades of your gray hair and the one you had when you were a child. This will soften the features of your face and will mask the graying while at the same time will look naturally.
9. Pamper the curls
Coloring of curly hair can be a delicate work because it is usually dry and wavy. It absorbs the color very easily and is very dependent on the weather than the straight one. Put some distilled water in the dye, 1/4th of the total package.
10. Play with the colors
“Dyed hair is like an accessory” says Marcy Cona, color-head of Clairol. Play with lighter shades, darker shades or more red than the ones you usually use. You can see a new pleasant discovery.



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