Hair Care at the end of the summer

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We are still enjoying the peaceful days of summer. We enjoy the scorching sun and hot water in the sea, the river and swimming pools.

But at the end of the favorite season our hair does not feel so happy.

Therefore, to regain its life and glamor, it needs special attention.



Give up 2 – 3 cm of hair at the expense of its better appearance. Remove the tips and agree with the hairdresser who will recommend you to get rid of the thinned ends. This is only a first but essential step in order to make your hair healthy and strong again after the summer exhaustion.



Most likely, after an almost daily washing and the permanent caresses of the sun in the late summer, it is difficult to determine what the color of your hair is – certainly lightened and unglamorous. If you have removed the exhausted hair, it’s time for a good professional dyeing. Even if you normally carry out this procedure at home, now is the moment for it to be made by the hairdresser. He will best assess the status of the hair and will be able to even the nuances and to tone it in the most appropriate way in order to achieve uniform saturated color, which you will enjoy for a longer time.



Remember that your hair is also a reflection of what you eat. If in the summer you have allowed yourself more temptations like summer cocktails and ice cream, try to manage at least 2-3 weeks without alcohol, without ice cream and pastries, without fatty foods.

It is good to know that your hair needs vitamin A, iron, copper. For the health of the scalp cares vitamin A – it is found in the milk and milk products, eggs, liver, from the beta-carotene fruits are best the apricots and carrots. The iron is necessary for the transport of oxygen to the hair. If the diet lacks sufficient amount of iron, the hair is starving for oxygen. For this purpose, you should eat red meat, green peas and beans. The pigmentation of the hair depends on the presence of copper. The more copper in the diet, the more shiny the hair color. Oysters and shrimps contain enough copper and the mineral can also be obtained from liver, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds.

One quarter of the volume of the hair is due to the water in it, and the hair is flexible and soft only if it is sufficiently hydrated. So taking liquids in abundance, not only purifies your body of toxins, but also keeps your hair shiny.


Protein – vitamin therapy

After in the summer the hair is thinned, choppy and waved you definitely need protein therapy. The proteins build up the hair roots and the vitamins B and C take care of its strength, increase the growth and prevent the splitting. You can bet on protein shampoos and masks with which to enrich the cosmetics for the bathroom. Maybe at this period it is good to try the miraculous power of the so called trivitaminol. Or again take a look at your diet. Accordingly rich in proteins are all animal products – meat, milk, eggs and also the cereals and nuts. In the meat, milk, eggs, nuts and fish there is vitamin B and vitamin C contain the kiwi, all citrus fruits and parsley.


Home care

Whatever you undertake in terms of your hair at the end of the summer, remember to take targeted care for it at home. Provide products for easy brushing, so as not to stress it further, nourishing oils and do not forget the classic homemade mask, which is particularly suitable for reinforcing the hair at the end of the summer: egg yolk, honey, olive oil, cognac.



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