Hair care in the winter

Image:© T.Tulic / Fotolia

The constant wind, snow and rain, the drying hot air from the air-conditioning, all this damages the hair, so in the winter it needs more care. Damaged hair makes the nice hairstyles impossible.

A few things we should do:

First review your cosmetics –shampoo, conditioner, hair masks – and estimate if they will do a good job in the winter. One of the biggest problems this season is the drying of the hair. So the shampoo and the conditioner should contain moisturizers as proteins and panthenol which “capture” the moisture and keep it in the hair.

You can also have a hot oily bath once or twice a month, which nourishes and makes the hair shiny. When you form your hairstyle try to use the blow dryer as rarely as possible. When you have to use it protect your hair with a no-rinse conditioner or look in the cosmetics store for special products for such cases. When you go out, use a scarf to cover your head or a hat but be careful for it not to be too tight to disturb the blood flow of the head.

This winter trendy accessories are the hats once again – berets, caps… you can find the appropriate ones for your style without being worried that you will be out of fashion. If possible avoid washing the hair with very hot water and never go out unless it is completely dry. This damages the scalp and the hair starts to break. In the winter months it’s good to visit your hairdresser one time a month to cut the ends and apply a nourishing mask or serum to your hair. These small steps will help you achieve shiny hair going hand in hand with your confidence!



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