Hair Thickening and Extension

Image:© Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

You wish to have long hair, but have no patience to wait for it to grow. There is a solution for you now. Hair thickening and extension actually is for all who want a change and they want it instantly.
One of the most popular latest methods for hair thickening and extension is through strips that are fixed to your own hair by sewing with special threads. The threads are vacuumed from a synthetic material and are complied with your hair color in order to best fit. This method gives extreme hair strength and is most friendly to the hair.

The method of adhesion with resin has given way to the sewing of the strips. The reason is that resin is melted at the temperature of 160 degrees, which is harmful when in contact with the natural hair. On the other hand, resin is fat-soluble and can be easily sprayed on using conditioners and hair masks.

At the same time, the strips are quite resistant against the usage of masks and chemical treatments. Another advancement of the strips method is that it is done extremely fast. The actual embedment takes about 45-50 minutes and the removal – 15 minutes. Such type of extended and thickened hair can last up to 5 years. The strips are especially suitable for very straight, soft or damaged hair. The hair becomes thick and volumetric. The method is successfully used not only for extension, but for hair thickening as well, embedding 1 or 2 strips on the level of your own hair.


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