Hair: True or not

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Shampoos for dyed hair are the same as the ones for frequent use:

NO. Those for colored hair with ammonia or non-ammonia dyes differ with their high acidity. They contain filters that protect the pigments from the effects of the air and sunlight.

Not to wash hair before dying:

YES. The sebum which is produced from the sebaceous glands creates a protective barrier against the ingredients of the dyes and helps to not damage the hair too much. It is best to dye your hair 3 days after you washed it.

Products “2 in 1” may be used any time:

NO. These products contain very concentrated silicones and are not as efficient as using a shampoo and after it – conditioner. You can only use these products when you are in a hurry or travel.

Henna is good:

YES. This is valid only for hair prone to fast grease because it makes it more dense and dry. NO- for dry and damaged hair, it becomes even dryer.

Conditioner in huge quantities is harmful:

YES. Conditioner is only applied along the length or at the hair ends.  Roots don’t need it as the hair recovers faster there and doesn’t get as dry as it is at the ends.

In winter the hair electrifies:

YES. But this is valid if the air is very dry or if we wash our hair every day, or every other day, or apply too much conditioner. In order to solve this problem, put some hair spray on your palms and slide them along your hair.

Baby shampoos are good:

NO. They can’t wash well neither can give volume to the hair of an adult as they have different pH.

Masks make the hair greasy:

NO. As long as they are complied with the condition of our hair. We don’t have to put too much quantity. We have to consider our hair length – the longer the hair, the more mask is needed. Use masks mainly for your hair ends.

Dandruff causes hair loss:

NO. When there is dandruff, the hair looks less, grows thinner because flakes literally suffocate the roots and the sebum which in large quantities prevents the blood vessels to supply the necessary for the scalp ingredients.

Cutting makes wonders:

NO. However, you have to know that hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. The effect of frequent cutting is for when damaged and thinned ends are cut, the hair looks much better and has better shape.

Massages make hair greasy:

YES. The massage activates the sebaceous glands and is suitable for dry hair. Peeling of the scalp with fingers is suitable for oily hair.




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