Haircut according to the sign

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Many of the representatives of this sign have wavy hair. The dynamic of the Aries’ energy you can emphasize with short boyish hairstyle. The ends of the hair shape with wax to create a messy effect.

The merits of this sign will stand out more against the now fashionable hairstyles that open the neck – box-type cut with uneven lengths of hair. Additional charms will give some temporary colored strands (with hair coloring mascara) in gold or copper color.

You like more non-pretentious haircuts which using stylizing products are easily transformed into various hairstyles – depending on the case. For wavy hair – leveled haircuts. Maintenance – volume through hair mouse and shaping with fingers.


For the straight thick hair ideal is the leveled box-shaped haircut. Use hair masks more often. When you have a special occasion put on gel on some strands and place them to the others with a nice clip or crystal decorated comb.


It is best to cut your hair on straight line and shape it using hair dryer and round brush. The royal look of the Leo woman can be achieved with hair lifted over the temples and tucked back.


The hard-working Virgo likes tidy haircuts that can be turned into various hairstyles. If you hair has medium length you can lighten it in warm, golden shades. Use gloss products. The hairstyles you make should not be complicated.


They cherish simplicity and elegance. For the Libra recommended is the freely falling hair with length to the ears. You can fresh up the hairstyle with various strands – in various shades of golden and red.


The thick hair of the Scorpio women will look better if it is cut box-shaped with length a little lower of the ears. Dye in bright colors because “intensity” is the key word for the Scorpio. If you have hair loss use specialized products more often.


The free and extreme character of the Sagittarius women should be reflected in their haircut. For the summer recommended is the “cascade” hairstyle (freely falling) with length a little lower than the shoulders. Shape it wavy.


These woman usually likes strict hair styles. She would look fresh and original with straight hair and lined bangs. Younger Capricorns look good with jagged ends shaped with wax or hair spray.


The key word here is “extravagance”. Try to dye your hair in colors close to the natural. For shaping the hair use crystal clips (zircon for example). You will look more stylish with straight hair.


To women Pisces suite more the short hairstyles. The haircuts are medium length. Shape your hair in a not very voluminous hairstyle. It would look good lifted lower (at the back of the neck). The most important thing to know is “Small head – small hairstyle”.


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