The hairdresser’s advices

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The hairdresser is there to help your hair look fabulous and give you advice. Here are some advices from the hairdressers.

1. Yes, you can use shampoo every day.
Lately we use every day hair dryers, hair straighteners and they damage the hair the most. If you have super greasy hair, wash it every day with shampoo.

2. Dirty hair is easier to style.
That is true so do not get surprised when you go to the hairdresser with clean hair and he puts in some dry shampoo and some baby powder. It is done so they can control your hair and do the job for which you are paying maybe your one week salary.

3. You want sexy waves in your hair?
Then use sea salt. Yes, you read that right. It works wonders on moist hair types. If you do not have spray you can make one yourself– a few table spoons of sea salt and water.

4. Do not pull out the brush too early.
When you dry your hair, use your fingers and when it is 80% dry then use the brush. Your fingers should easily pass through your hair and then you can use the brush so you do not damage the hair.

5. Bangs are “hot”, just make sure you have the right one.
Thick, fillet or asymmetric bangs are always fashionable no matter at the front or on the side. And almost always they fit every face type. Avoid thin bangs that make your face look tired and sick.

6. Yes, you can be blond or redhead.
Some types of skin work very well with colors. Most women with olive skin color (Jennifer Lopez and Linda Evangelista) look good with every color: blond, black, brown and even red. Women in pink tones of the skin cannot experiment or do something drastic. Believe it or not, pink skin tones are more likely to work with black hair color. When it comes to blonds, if when you were a child your hair became almost blond in the summer then you are perfect to be blond. Olive skin women also suite the dark option of blond.

7. Glossy skin is not always genetic
Stylists know the secret: a few drops of gloss serum.



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