Hairstyle according to the face oval

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The oval of the face is very important for the choice of haircut as for women as well as for men. According to it the hairstyle will be right.

Square face
The square face has a very distinguished chin and usually the border of the hair makes a right angle with the forehead. This is one of the classic and common forms of the male face but it also provides a choice of various hairstyles.
– Give up the voluminous hair. If your hair is thick better use the appropriate cosmetic products.
– Long wavy hair suits the square face very much. Thanks to it you can soften your features.
Oval face

This shape characterizes with a narrow chin and forehead and tender oval of the face. Usually this face shape is considered “perfect” and as with the square one it is suitable for various hairstyles.
– You can experiment. Messy hair will suite you more than the flatten one, the college style is your style.
– Avoid heavy bangs.
– If you like long hair you are lucky – it will suit you.
Round face

If you have round face this means the chin is not that visible. When you choose your hairstyle, choose one to emphasize your chin and sharpen your features.
– For those who like the short “business” hairstyle, keep in mind that it underlines the oval forms.
– Try a voluminous hairstyle (as a crown).
Triangle face
The triangle face has a wide chin, narrow cheek bones and a small forehead. This type is very rare. But if you think you have a triangle face, choose a hairstyle which optically decreases the chin.
– One of the most appropriate hairstyles for a triangle face is the lower cut strands of hair on the forehead.
– The beard can balance your features.
Rectangular face
The rectangular face is long and needs optical broadening, better put a stress on the cheek bones.
– Whatever the shape of your face is, do not forget that the hair line should never be angle-like.
– Try leveled hair and messy strands.
Diamond face
This shape is similar to the oval and the heart-shaped one. Typical for it are the wide cheek bones, the narrow forehead and the narrow chin. This way is created a width illusion.
– Do not be afraid of heavy bangs.
– You need a haircut to emphasize your forehead.



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