Homemade hair dye that will refresh your vision in a natural way

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Prepare a homemade hair dye only and exclusively with natural products. Refresh your vision without resorting to hair dye with ammonia.


Did you know you can with homemade hair dye to maintain your hair healthy and still refresh its color range as you want? Here are a few very simple recipes for homemade hair dye that you can prepare yourself and know that it contains only natural products.


Homemade hair dye with a copper hue – if you want your blond hair to change its shade, here is how to do it without getting it burned. Obtain a modern copper hue using 75 grams of walnut leaves, 150 grams chamomile flowers, 300 grams roofing onion flakes and 1.5 liters of water. Chop the herbs, place them in an enameled bowl and pour over boiling water. The ingredients are boiled over a low heat until half of the liquid remains. After cooling, the potion is strained carefully and stored in a dark bottle in a cool place. For seven days, at midday the hair is brushed with a comb, which is constantly dipped into decoction. The thoroughly soaked hair is dried in the sun.


Homemade hair dye for brown hair – all you need is 15 pcs freshly picked green walnuts and 1 liter of water. The crushed walnuts are placed in an enameled pot, poured with boiling water and cooked on medium heat for 20 minutes. After cooling, the decoction is strained, poured into a dark bottle and stored in a cool place. Every evening the hair is brushed with a dipped in the decoction comb from the roots to the tips. The thoroughly soaked hair is absorbed slightly with a towel and left to dry.


Homemade hair dye for black hair – 80 g green fruit shells of unripe walnuts, 100 ml of pure alcohol and 5-6 drops of rosemary essential oil. The finely chopped green fruit shells are placed in a glass container and poured with the alcohol. The well closed container is stored in a cool and dark place. After 12 -15 days, with daily shaking, the liquid is filtered, poured into a dark bottle and aromatized with essential oil of rosemary. Store in a dark and cool room. The dye is applied on the washed and dried hair with a cotton pad in the direction from roots to tips. If the decoction is used regularly the graying hair darkens.



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