Homemade hair mask that confers incredible volume

Image: © pinchuk / Fotolia

If your hair is exhausted, oily and without any form, its volume has remained somewhere in the past, do not worry, there is a solution. Yes, some use hair masks from the shop, which cost a pile of money, but they contain many chemicals. They help or at least some of them, but there are natural products that help the tired hair to shine again. Trust the tested home remedies for your hair to enjoy the power of nature.

For this mask you only need a few products. And the interesting thing is that if we hear them in combination we imagine a treat to eat. But let us not act with prejudice, but simply to try.

Is there a woman who does not want to dazzle everyone when сhe walkс into a room with her charming hair that has great volume and seems as if each hair is arranged?

For this mask made at home and just for a few minutes you need: a half tea cup of yogurt, a coffee cup of cocoa and one egg yolk. The three ingredients are mixed and stirred until a homogenous mixture is obtained. When this happens start the application on your hair. Apply all over the scalp and rub well into the roots. Leave to take effect for about 20 minutes or until you notice that the mixture has started to dry out on your hair, then put another layer of the mask and wait again as placing a plastic bag your hair. With it the hair is heated and the potion starts to act. Then wash your hair with shampoo well and dry it. The mask is made at least 2 times a week. The products have both good qualities individually as well as acting in collaboration.

For example, the egg yolk is used in many masks for face, skin and hair, because it has many vitamins and consequently great effect. The yogurt cleans the scalp in its fundamentals and thus except volume to your hair you acquire and faster growing hair.


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