Hot weather hairstyles

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How to make your hairstyle look fantastic in the summer? We offer you some interesting suggestions by stylists, to give you ideas and prompt you how to maintain a pretty hair regardless whether short or long, thin or thick, straight or wavy.

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If you are with very short hair, everything you need is the right product. 
For short hair, regardless whether curly or straight, the hair gel is what you need to keep your hair from flattening. Put some gel in your hand as much as a 5 cents coin, rub between your fingers and put on moist hair starting from the top to bottom. Short hair loves gel, claim the specialists because it does not need the “live hair” effect but control.

For short hair with medium length try natural curls.
The loose curls are always very interesting; you can achieve that by rolling some moist hair around your finger. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse. Separate your hair in 2-cm squares, put on a styling product and twists around your finger. Put on clips and stay for ten minutes. When your hair is dry, “comb” the curls with your fingers.


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For long hair, the stylists recommend the “pony tail”.

There are various types of this popular hairstyle for the long-haired. One of them is to separate a strand of hair from the temples, put on styling products and then twist it around your finger and put a clip on. The rest of the hair is lifted on a “pony tail”.

In 10 minutes take off the clips and let the strands fall naturally around your ears.
For straight hair try a wide headband.
For naturally straight hair, stylists recommend the wide headbands. Wash and dry your hair from bottom to top to add volume, then choose a headband at least 5 cm long, put it on your head and clip it under the hair.
For curly hair – retro style comb
This will add very sophisticated and different individuality to your appearance. Just leave the hair fall down naturally – the way it is – attach a retro comb on the side behind your ear.



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