How to have gorgeous hair

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We have to constantly take care of our hair. Here are some useful advices on the topic.

1. When it is damp go out without a hat. Especially if you are in the mountain, leave your hair to the care of the rain and then dry it by combing. Naturally curly hair, while still damp is separated into strands, twisted between the fingers and clipped to the head. Leave them to dry at a room temperature and you will have great curls without any rolls.

2. Do not fall asleep with stretched or tangled hair because with time you will see it starting to fall off. With age women who prefer stretched hair start to lose it on the temples. There, the hair breaks and loses its gloss.

3. To not gray prematurely, do not spray it with deodorants, perfumes and cosmetics containing spirit. If it has absorbed bad smells just spray it with rose water and comb while dry.

4. Hair coloring more often than 45 days and cold curling more often than twice a year means damaging the hair.

5. If you have strong hair fall and thinning, do not hesitate to start cutting it very low. Recommended is even shaving accompanied with masks during the day.

6. The sun damages and ruins the hair, so do not stay for too long in the sun. If you are at the seaside rub some olive oil in the roots, wear a hat. If you visit the sauna put a towel on your head because the hot air makes the hair thin and breakable.

7. Vegetarians gray very slowly and have a healthy body and hair. Raw fruit and vegetables and grains are recommended to those having troubles with their hair.



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