How to take care of the wig

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Many women use wigs. The wig can make your hair look fabulous. A good wig should be as light as possible and not to show your forehead or the ears. It is hard to maintain the wig in a good condition.

Here are some useful advices.

Synthetic hair wig

The synthetic hair wigs comb with a wide comb or brush. Curly hair is not combed, flatten it with your fingers and put some nourishing hair spray on it. This will protect the wig from static electricity. Wigs of every kind should be washed with water 25 degrees hot and shampoo. To every two liters of water use 4 spoons of shampoo. Put in the wig for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. The wig is dried with a towel, not hair dryer. Synthetic wigs should not be curled.

Natural hair wig

The natural hair wig is combed very carefully. It is good when the comb is wide but you can also use a brush. Always brush along the hair. This wig can be curled. Before putting it on, moist it.

This type of wig should be cleaned once every few months. Washing at home is done while placed on a stand imitating the human head. It is better to use a dry and sensitive hair shampoo. The shampoo is placed along the hair, rinse with water. Dry with a towel. Put on nourishing products, wait for 15 minutes and rinse. Finally dry the hair.

For proper care of the wig use the same products you use for your hair. Natural wig differs from the synthetic one due to the fact that it can be treated with high temperatures.

Washing preparation. Carefully remove all knots on the wig because after washing it will be even more difficult to untangle them.

Washing. Always wash the wig in warm water. Concentrate on the forehead, there it can be really dirty.
Rinsing. Rinse with cold water from the roots to the tips.

Combing. Comb from the roots to the tips of the hair.

The natural wig can be also dyed. It can be treated like your hair. Products you use for nourishment and care for your hair can also be used for the natural hair wigs.



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