How to treat the oily hair

Image:© Avesun / Fotolia

Oily hair needs everyday but appropriate care.
When taking care of oily hair, more attention must be paid on the scalp. Dry skin of the scalp makes the oil glands produce more sebum. So to beat the oiling start there.
Here are the main steps: 
– Use a mild shampoo – for oily hair, for dry scalp or baby shampoo.

– If you wash your hair every day, do not put on shampoo on the scalp itself.

– Always rinse well because the shampoo residues can enhance the greasing.

– Use an aromatic oil. It is placed directly on the scalp with massage movements.


– Put on conditioner only on the tips.


– Avoid using gel or other stylizing products for shiny hair because greasy hair is shiny enough.


– For too much greasing you can rinse the hair with vinegar (1 part vinegar to 4 parts of water) and avoid putting it on the scalp itself.


– Do not comb your hair too often because this way you stimulate the scalp to secrete more sebum.


– Lemon juice has the same effect as the vinegar.


– Tea tree shampoos are effective for greasy hair.



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