How to use the hair mousse right

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During the 80s the mousse first comes out on the cosmetic market as a mean for treating frizzy hair. Later to its contents are added products for gloss and nutrition. The mousse gives volume to the thin hair and helps us achieve the hair style we want. It’s due to the specific type of resin whivh encloses the hair and volumes it up. If you overuse the mousse your hair style will get sticky and will get ruined.


It’s use is effective but you have to choose it according to your hair type, the texture and the momentary condition. Furthermore you should not neglect the degree of fixation. The market offers various kinds – light and strong fixation. Do not buy without knowing what you are buying, consult the seller.

How to use the mousse? If you put on the mousse on moist hair you will make it smoother and shinier. When you put it on dry hair you will shape your hair style perfectly.

Some types are used before stylization with the hair dryer or curler while others are specially created for shaping with fingers. To achieve the best effect read the instructions.

Avoid using too much mousse not to reverse the effect. Start with a little, if you need refreshing of your hair you can add a little more without it adding weight to your hair.

You can have a hair style with volume and no hair dryer at home. Bend your head down and rub mousse in the roots of your hair. After that place all over the hair length and use your fingers to style it the way you want.
The mousse should be distributed evenly on the hair strands so that it’s not collected on a certain spot of your hair and not enough on another one. If you have troubles distributing it, comb it with a wide comb.



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