New hair style for the holidays

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There are several days to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Let’s not forget the company parties starting from December. Overall the euphoria of the celebrations lasts four times as longer than the holidays themselves, but maybe that is where their charm comes from. Everybody starts to wonder where to go, who will they be with on New Year’s Eve, what will they put on, for the ladies the biggest question is what should be their hairstyle. Here are our suggestions, maybe your hairstyle is right here: 
1. Attractive bun – the bun is a classic, mixed with glamour, tradition and modernity – it never goes out of style and is always elegant. The first time the bun is seen in Ancient Greece, it is worn by both men and women. They considered it to be luxurious because the clips for it were expensive. In Ancient China only married women wore buns and during the Victorian time – older women. Then the bun was very simple.

Image:©gromovataya / Fotolia



2. Tiara with jewel – in the season of magical holidays allow your curls to be out in the open. To give them a sexy and pretty look put on a discrete tiara with jewels, appropriate for your clothes. This hair accessory originates from Ancient Greece. Then the Greeks wore wreaths on their heads. Together with the Romans they wore those wraths on very special occasions. Etruscans and Romans started to decorate them with jewels of gold and silver.
3. Pony tail – image a puffy tail of a beautiful pony. This element gives the hair business, official and casual look – something very few hairstyles can achieve.


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