New hairstyle – an opportunity for change

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At least once a year the beautiful gender falls into the condition of strong dissatisfaction.  Everything seems not the way it should be, life becomes boring and the smile never appears when you wake up. But women would not be women if they did not know a way out of this situation: if you want better life, start with the hair.
This is one very effective method which will point your attention on the change in appearance but also on the possible changes in another aspect of your life.
What are the new tendencies for the hair shape?

Stylists claim that nowadays three hairstyles are very popular.
First of all it is the “punk” style. Remember a few years ago – the Mohawks? Stylists have decided to bring them back. This type of hairstyle has various advantages – in the morning the hair is fixed very easily, it is in harmony with every hair type. But the hairstyle has a significant disadvantage: to do it you need time, patience and a lot of stylizing products.

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The next coming back from the past is the “fractional” bangs which Dior boldly imposed.  The bangs could be asymmetric or a messy one. The only condition is the hair to be straight. Here is the disadvantage of that hairstyle: if you use the hair straightener every day the hair will get tired and damaged.
And last, fashionable again are the “wet” curls. This perfection could be achieved very easily: put on gel on wet hair and leave it dry naturally. This hairstyle takes least time.
Women who have naughty curls are very lucky – messy curls are also fashionable. The designers of Chloe give advice to enhance the effect of the “messy art” with the help of various gels and other stylizing products.
The new season has many contrasts as well. The messiness can be replaced with the as much fashionable flatness.

The road of the hair can be straight or on one side, curls should fall around the face.
The spring-summer season offers retro hairstyles as well. Find a photo of Audrey Hepburn (whatever!) and copy her hairstyle.
The only thing you cannot compromise with is the hair color. It should be natural and discrete. You can be brunette, blond or redhead but nobody should know you use hair dye.



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