Solution for Splitting Ends

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They can be met more often in the long hair than in the short and make life miserable for the ones who have decided to let their hair grow long.

They appear more often in the dry and lifeless hair, with extreme dye usage and too strong and frequent brushing of the hair.

The healing of splitting ends is just one – cutting them.

The main reasons for the appearance of the splitting:

– During the hair growing process, the natural grease may not be able to reach the hair ends and thus the ends become quite vulnerable to the outside influences.

– Your hair ends have been systematically exposed to sun, they have gone through much washing with shampoo and have been burnt by the hot stream of the hair-dryer or straightening instruments, as a result of these, they have become dryer and fragile, prone to splitting.

– Not enough cutting maybe the most common reason. The prevention is better than healing!

– Aggressive and frequent dying also leads to splitting of the hair.

– Low quality brushes and combs increase the problem.

All the above does not mean that you have to run every other week to the hair-dresser’s to cut your hair ends. If you take proper care for it, you can to a certain degree prevent the unpleasant splitting of the hair.

 Tips for avoiding the splitting:

– Use products for prevention from splitting ends

– Use nourishing masks for the entire hair, especially if your hair is chemically treated or if you wash it frequently with a shampoo

– Cut it regularly

– Do not expose your hair to the hot hair-dryer stream, neither to aggressive combing or brushing with improper comb or brush. Do not hesitate to invest into an expensive hair comb, it will pay off.

–  Wash your hair after physical exercises. The salt from the perspiration is not good for your hair.






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