Sun, sea and beautiful hair

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When planning our vacation on the sea side, we do not miss to take care of our skin – with intensive moisturizing, purchase of sun protection products and tablets for healthier tan. But with all this careful preparation, we forget about the protection of the hair, which does not less suffer from the UV rays, the salty and chlorinated water. We realize all this, however, only after the end of our holiday when we have become possessors not only of golden tan, but also of shredded hair without glitter and vague color. After that are required months to repair the consequences, and it is much easier just to prevent the damage.


No chemistry

At least two weeks before the intense sun exposure, do not treat your hair with any chemicals. The dyeing, chemical waving or straightening themselves are a big challenge, and in combination with the UV rays, may prove to be fatal for the hair. Many women in the name of beauty are willing to ignore health, but in this case they go hand in hand. Dyeing just before the holiday not only damages the hair, but also leads to an unexpected hue. The reason is that the ultraviolet rays attack the pigments in the hair as the natural melanin as well as the chemical molecules. But while the result for the natural hair is lighter locks, kissed by the sun, in the dyed the color becomes “washed” and exhausted.


Hair care on the beach

To understand how best to care for our hair, we must first know what is happening to it under the influence of the sun. The ultraviolet rays destroy the outer protective layer of the hair – the cuticle, and then in it can freely penetrate the harmful substances from the environment, the chlorine and salt from the water. At this first stage the hair just looses its shine and vitality, but gradually the damage deepens. The sun affects the hair more and more deeply, reaching the cortex – the inner layer of keratin, which is responsible for the strength, color and density of the hair. The result is breaking, thinning and dry hair with an indefinite hue. Actually it is sunburnt, as often happens with the skin. To avoid this, you should make every effort to protect the cuticle.



  • Wear a hat – this is the simplest, yet effective protection because the UV rays do not fall within your hair. Choose a broad model of natural matter, but if you have long hair, best pick it up in a bun to hide it entirely.
  • Use special cosmetics – many brands offer a whole series of sunscreen products for the hair. Most important is the spray with UV filter, which you need to apply on the hair before each sun exposure. As for the shampoo is sufficient to select one for everyday use (they have a milder effect) and the conditioner needs to be more nourishing than the usual you are using. In other words, forget the 2-in-1 products that save space in your luggage, but are less effective.

Pay attention to the active ingredients in the cosmetics. The silk proteins create a protective film on the hair and are a natural shield against ultraviolet rays, and the natural oils such as almond, jojoba and argan, keep the moisture in the hair.


  • Protection with natural means. Although living in the conditions of withering sun, Tahitian women are famous for their thick, healthy and vibrant hair. The secret is in the traditional oil monoi, which the islanders apply daily on their hair. It is made from coconut oil and buds of tiara plant for flavor.


With the same success, and you can use any store-bought coconut oil. Rub a small amount between your fingers and apply it along the hair before sunbathing. If your hair is short or oily, replace it with coconut milk, placed in a bottle from spray. Besides hydration and protection, it will provide a wonderful and completely natural volume to your hair. That is a wonderful opportunity to opt out of the depleting styling products for hair.




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