The hair and the lavender oil

Image:©Anton Maltsev / Fotolia

The lavender oil is used in the contemporary aromatherapy as antiseptic substance, speeding the process of healing of wounds, burns and skin irritations. It is effective for insect bites, sun burns, all types of acne, skin irritations, dandruff and hair loss; it regulates the gastric disturbances. It has calming and anti-depressing properties, reduces the tension in the mental fatigue, agitation, palpitations, insomnia, soothing in cases of hysteria and nervous tension. It tempers the organism. The lavender oil is unique for your beauty. It can be used for the hair as well as for the body.
Daily therapy for the hair and scalp:

Separate the hair and put on a little directly on the scalp and hair. Massage tenderly. Wash with shampoo.
Before washing the hair:
Massage the scalp and hair. Distribute evenly and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash with shampoo.
Night therapy:
Stay with it overnight. Rinse with shampoo in the morning.
For deep treatment:
After you massage the scalp and hair with the oil (roots and tips), cover the head with a hat and leave for 10-15 minutes (this way the oil will penetrate better). Rinse with shampoo.
For curls:
Put on some in your hand and place all over the hair.



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