The hair influences a person’s life

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The hair is very important for the person’s life. From the shape of the hairstyle, the length and the color depend our presentation in society and in what way will the others treat us. So if a person has decided to change his life he should not forget his hair.

After you shorten you hair, you gain a lively energy, emotional strength and ability to attract conflicts on yourself while at the same time lose the ability to settle disputes in a tolerant way.

According to astrologists these qualities are given by Mars, the Sun and Uranus which are able to cause a true cataclysm with calm people. The astrologists give us advice to shorten our hair gradually, 2-3 cm per month. This way the change will be smooth and without any excess tension.
The opposite scheme is with the growing of the hair. This process is slower because it is under the influence of soft and female plantes – the Moon and Venus. It is not a secret that long hair always makes the face features softer, with both men and women. These hairstyles attract harmony in life, the spiritual balance and easier adaptation to social environment.

The hair color also influences the character by enhancing some of the features. For example the blond hair, being associated with the Sun attracts attention and enhances the art abilities. Its negative features are that it inspires egoism.

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Platinum blonds are influenced by the Moon. It gives them sensitivity and passivity. According to astrologists, the light blonds with ash shades have a chance to improve their personal life if it is problematic, but they can decrease their determination. Dark blond hair means success in training and people with such hair have a high IQ. They are under the influence of the contradictory Mercury.

Bright red, brown and golden hairs are led by Mars. Typical of the people with such hair is that they are determined and scandalous.
Women with dark brown hair are the daughters of Jupiter. They are more financially secured than the rest but they are limited emotionally.
Black hair is influenced by Pluto. It gives people charm and enchantment but causes unreasonable melancholy.
Astrologists advise us to very carefully choose the color. They advise us, that if we are looking for success and not a temporary adventure, we should leave aside the bold experiments with the hair color. Bright colors intrigue people but do not inspire trust.
If you have very long hair, waist long for example it is recommended that you cut it right away. It is enough to choose the appropriate hairstyle for it. The braid or the pony tail indicates that we are unable to adjust. Astrologists advise women to make a low bun. It makes us look more intelligent, responsible and professional. We should not forget that regardless of the hairstyle the hair needs freedom.
For the good image, important is to select on which side to wear the hair. When combed on the right side a person looks more active and confident in themselves. The combing on the left side softens the expression of the face, straight combing makes you look benevolent.



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