The hairstyle determines the appearance of the man

Image:©michaeljung/ Fotolia

Main rule when choosing the male hairstyle is that for every type of hair there is an individual approach.
Thick hair, wavy – appropriate for all hair styles, just do not make it too long on the top. If the hair is straight such hair may look good but it will not look good for the curly hair – No!

If the hairstyle is casual it will put a stress on the manhood. If the hair is long and thick and does not get greasy too fast you can wear it shoulder-length.

The purpose of the hairstyle should be the hair to be soft, shiny and well-shaped.

If you have straight thick hair, a hit is the “Canadian loan” – very short on the back and at the sides, two centimeters of hair on the top, you can spike it with gel.
Curly hair – the escape: to let it be long; to cut it medium-length covering the years or the easiest classical way – very short with a little length on the top.
If you are bald, it is best to shave your hair.
Thin hair – classical haircut: longer at the top, at the sides and on the back – shorter. The contemporary option of the classic is equal length on every side, for example 4 cm. If the haircut is done with fillet scissors or a razor the man will look fashionable and free.



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