The ponytail – always in fashion

Image: © Oleg Gekman / Fotolia

Practical and impressive

Ponytails offer an incredible variety of forms – as much as can be opened your imagination. The good thing about them is that they are convenient and easy to do, while fit perfectly for any occasion – from the visit to the gym to a refined dinner.


Many Hollywood stars rely namely on the ponytail in its different varieties, when attending important events or ceremonies.


The required length of hair to make a ponytail varies from medium to very long. If you do not have that long hair, you can use extensions to make your hair long enough.


The most important thing in a ponytail this season is to look casual and natural. Try to get your hair by hand, and do not do much to grip it tightly to the back. Put pins or a barrette and let it fall off naturally.


If you have bangs, it would be a great accent for a tighter ponytail. You can diverse the natural form of the ponytail by blowing it out and make additional volume with the hair dryer. You are free to drop locks of hair on either side of which you want. Remember – the more natural, the better.


The ponytail is suitable for any occasion. With it the face stands out, so that the focus can be in the makeup, clothes, and why not some fancy earrings.


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