The secret of the pretty hair

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The secret of the stars` pretty hair is in their stylists and the care they put in its beauty. If you want to have gorgeous hair, follow these seven tips and you will succeed.

1* Choose products for your hairstyle. It is not an accident that there are shampoos for damaged hair or for everyday care. It is a good idea to look for the professional series. These products are not usually in the cosmetic stores, you can ask your hairdresser or cosmetician.

2* Choose hairstyles suiting your face and the shape of your body. A big mistake according to the modern society is to choose a popular hairstyle that does not suit your appearance.

3* Use UV protection products. The hair is constantly exposed to the destructive influence of the wind and sun (especially during the summer). For healthy hair choose finishing products which block these problems.

4*Cut your hair every 6 – 8 weeks. The good hairdressers will know how much of your hair should be cut.

5* Hair coloring at home is very cheap but if you want to have a really healthy and pretty hair leave the chemicals to the professionals. Dyeing at home has risks – burning of the hair, damaging (which may cause hair loss) as well as you may not achieve the right color.

6* After washing the hair, if you use a towel to dry your hair the towel causes static electricity on your hair. If you want a pretty hairstyle this electricity may cause troubles. The charging of the hair is when you rub it back and forth in the towel. It is more useful to squeeze your hair into the towel.

7* If you notice a change in your hair, which is not usual consult your cosmetician. HE will give you the best advise on how to bring back the healthy look of your hair.



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