The tools of a woman

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The tools you will need in order your hair to be flawless all the time are as follows:

1. A good hair brush
The higher the quality of the brush, the healthier your hair will be – it will not be torn, no static electricity and no top brushing. The most quality hair brushes are with a rubber pad and boar hair.
2. The right shampoo for your hair type

The work of the shampoo is to clean the dirt of the hair. And not only. For different hair types there are different types of shampoo with various ingredients. So buy the exact type.
3. Conditioner
Conditioners protect the hair of excess tangling and mostly of heat and chemical damage.

4. Wide-teeth comb

Never, ever, ever use a brush to brush wet hair. This comb is for that purpose. You should have one of these in your bathroom for sure.

5. Gloss serum
Now is the time to say: “What?”. Yes, first it seems strange but these products are really effective. If you are well, if you have healthy hair use such a serum in the form of a spray. It will give gloss as well as thickness to your hair.

6. Dry shampoo
These shampoos are a great way to absorb the oil off of your hair. This is a good solution for oily hair.

7. Hair dryer
Compulsory and convenient tool for maintaining your hair. You will not have to treat the hair with another non-regulated heat. For thicker hair good work do the 1885 Watt hair dryer, for the thinner ones – 1500 Watt.

8. Volume mousse (spray) or conditioner for straight hair
Volume products are God-sent for those with thin hair. Some spray in the roots and it is all done. You have volume now. Or if you have thick hair which is not styled easily – then straight the hair and place the conditioner.

9. Rolls or hair straightener
Every self-respecting woman has rolls and a hair straightener. Both tools are as useful as useful are the new car tires for the man.

10. Hair spray
No need of explanation here, how it works, what are the benefits and all the rest. It gives a finished look to your hair style and protects it from moisture and UV lights.


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