Too frequent dye treatment kills the hair

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Many factors affect the hair but the frequent change of the color ruins it. The inexperienced dyeing at home is the reason of ruining the hair of many women. Brightening, curling and dyeing are sometimes horror for the damaged hair. Popular hairstyles such as tails and buns pull the hair; it is not well maintained and loses its shine. Young women change their hair color as often as they change their clothes. The hair color change several times per month is too dangerous.

The expenses for the hairdresser exceed the money for cosmetics. Women who treat their hair at home put too much dye at the front of the head and where they do not see themselves in the mirror. Often at these spots the hair gets burnt. Every violation of the dye’s proportions can ruin your hair.

The often change of color and permanent curling ruin the hair’s structure. On the length of the hair appear brighter spots, it becomes fragile. Blond hair grows for about two weeks and underneath is your natural color. You have to lighten your roots again and if it is done too often the hair is ruined. It starts to look like straw, it is hard to comb and is very frizzy. In such cases use olive oil baths and put on more conditioner because the hair starts to fall off and entire spots of the skin become visible.


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The cheap dye brands which you will find on the market are not of very high quality. They smell really strong of ammonia and damage the hair. Some hair dyes contain the hazardous chemical ursol. Some hairdressers add this to be sure that the dye will cover the gray hairs. When women decide they want to look younger they usually prefer the red shades – from ginger to dark red. The color is easily achieved with clay which is good and strengthens the hair. Those who have suffered know that low-quality clay dyes the hair unevenly; the color is smudged and very short-lasting. After washing it easily falls off but even though allergies to clay are very rare.

It is fashionable the hair to be maintained with gel, mousse or hair spray. Their ingredients are based on synthetic or natural resin solved in alcohol. The hair spray contains vitamins and nourishing substances. If you overuse them the hair becomes too matted, it collects dust and dirt. Avoid the everyday use of strong fixators because the hair starts to fall off.



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