What does dandruff say about your hair?

Image:©Anton Maltsev / Fotolia

Your hair is an important part of the outer appearance. This is why you should take the necessary care for it. That is how your hair will be stylish, healthy and pretty- without any uncomfortable situations, without complications and without dandruff.

Dandruff is not a disease. Its natural habitat is the scalp. When the number of microbes increases the skin cells develop faster, they fall off the scalp before they get dry and become small and invisible – that is the dandruff.

There is still no explanation why suddenly the microbes increase. The reasons may be stress, climate problems, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal changes and others.

1 of every 2 people has dandruff. If you have used an ordinary shampoo you probably found out that it is not working. Use a quality appropriate shampoo to get over the problems with your hair. Used often, 4-5 times a week the good shampoo not only cleans the hair but takes care of it. The conditioner  placed right after every wash protects the hair of outside influences and helps you treat the splitting ends. This way the hair becomes silky and easy to comb.

The easiest way to put on conditioner – after every shampoo wash, pour conditioner in your hands and place it on your hair starting from 3 cm of the skin pointing downwards. Put a stress on the tips with massage, they are dryer and fragile. For the better distribution of the conditioner you can use a wide comb.



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