Еnemies of the beautiful hair

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We often confront with advice on how to restore the strength and shine of our hair. There are loads of “recipes” for thick, beautiful and strong mane. And yet – do we realize that before getting to the “rescuers”, we alone perform some very detrimental to our hair “procedures”? Let us see what not to do to avoid having to run for a professional mask, to buy super expensive emulsions or try out grandmother’s secrets for beautiful hair. And it really is very important for us women in order to like ourselves and have a good self-esteem.


Enemy number 1

Our old hairbrush

How often do you replace your brush or comb? Have you noticed how dirty at the base the teeth of your comb are? Do you think that the hairbrush does not need washing? Here’s a particularly terrible fact – on your brush there are not a small number of germs and dirt that you spread on your entire hair with every brushing. The least you do in this way is to unnecessary oil your hair. Therefore remove after each combing the hairs from the brush and remember at least once a month to soak it for a few minutes in baking soda, which certainly removes “the waste products”. And one more thing, for a nice mane and mostly to avoid static charges, which in turn contributes to the splitting ends and frizz of the hair, choose wooden instead of plastic brushes and combs.


Enemy number 2

Elastics and barrettes

Be very careful if your favorite hairstyle is very smooth ponytail or even if at home you are with permanently tied hair. It has been proven that where there is elastic, the hair breaks and damages. The constant tying is a genuine harassment for it and can lead to hair loss. Tip – replace regularly the place of gripping of the hair with the elastic or clip, and choose primarily elastics “wrapped” with a cloth.


Enemy number 3

The shampoo with which we are accustomed

Sometimes, when we get used to a brand of cosmetics, must become an apocalypse to change it. Not so, however, things should be with the shampoo that we use. It is necessary to replace it, but not unless we “have changed” the type of our hair i.e. if you dye, you should get a new shampoo for treated with dye hair. If you curl your hair there must be a change too. As much as chemically treated the hair is, the more nourishing should be the means with which you wash it. And one more thing – do not forget that with age the scalp becomes drier, so at some point the change of shampoo will be necessary.


Enemy number 4

Combing wet hair

Something that is absolutely forbidden to do. Have you ever seen a hairdresser comb your hair, immediately after washing? Completely impossible. The pulling of the hair when it is wet, in order to remove knots and tangles stretches it excessively and clearly damages it. You will do the same and if you rub vigorously with a towel in your effort to dry it. Better choose the hairdryer. It is recommended that you use a wide tooth comb and be patient in the combing.


Enemy number 5

Energetically and rapidly combing

Even if your hair is not wet, if you comb it quickly and carelessly, do not be “angry” later at the final result. Leave the foolish tips for combing from the ends to the roots or combing a hundred times every night. Just brush into sectors, carefully and do not pull severely the tangled ends. Not accidentally are offered and conditioners that will facilitate you in the styling of your haircut. There is no evidence that the more frequent brushing will make your hair irresistible. So just do not rush.

Enemy number 6

The hairdryer – directions for use

I recently heard that it is harmless. Another opinion states that it is absolutely contraindicated. The truth, as in most cases is in the middle. Surely the heat dries the hair, but it has its rules, which can avoid this effect. In the first instance – do not use it while from the hair is still dripping water. Wipe it gently with a towel. In the second place – avoid its last degree. Third rule – keep it of at least 15 cm away from the hair. Finally – first test it on the skin of your hand. If the heat is pleasant, you can begin the drying. And if you still are in a hurry, i.e. you have to switch to the hot stream, necessarily use a protective spray before the thermal “processing” of the hair.


Enemy number 7

Omission of the hairdresser

For the best look of your hair are of particular importance the tips of the hairs. You know that the splitting ends do not look at all pretty, and impede the hair growth. If you have decided to have a long mane, visit the hairdresser once in two months, but not less frequently. And more – besides the grandmothers’ recipes for beautiful hair, do not miss the professional hairdressing services – massage washing, nourishing mask, and rubbing of ampoules with different action in the roots – procedures that will definitely benefit you.

No matter how much we want our hair to always look brilliant, we should not forget that besides growing, it also gets old. The ends of the hair that is to below the shoulders, for example, are at least three years old. Imagine for this time how many times it has been washed, combed and subjected to various external aggressions (wind, sun, cold, sea water), even if it has not been chemically treated. So we can not just expect it to be perfect only after yet another wash. In fact, we are the biggest enemy of our hair when we do not manifest enough care for it. The above is too simple. So let’s not miss them and remember the fact that our hair needs at least five glasses of water daily, as well as a diverse menu. Often namely it is an indication that we suffer from some kind of absence. The deficiency of iron in our body is almost always accompanied by hair loss.



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