Amazingly easy – Several hair masks against split ends

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Home therapy for split ends


The split ends harass a large percentage of the women around the world. Each lady has had to face the problem and knows perfectly how unpleasant it may be. Sometimes the split ends are not easy to conceal and the only thing that could be done at this point is the hair to be cut.


Unpleasant, especially for women who want to have long hair, but it is inevitable. The causes for the splitting ends could be quite numerous. We present you several homemade hair masks against tearing, which will help you a lot and will bring satisfactory results if you do them regularly.


Mask with beer


The beer again comes to the rescue. This time, it will help you to fight off the exhausted ends. You need only beer. Pour your hair with it and massage for a while. The drink must absorb well in the hair follicle. After you finish the procedure, rinse your hair well so as not to remain the aroma of beer on it.


Mask with avocado


You need an avocado. It is mashed into a puree and placed on wet hair. The emphasis is mainly on the ends of the hair. If you would like moisturizing effect, add a tablespoon of olive oil, mix the two products and apply on the hair, but again focusing primarily on its ends. The mask should remain on your hair for 20 minutes. Then it is washed out well.


Mask with papaya


The papaya works well for exhausted hair. You only need half papaya (well ripened). Given that you have long hair, use a whole papaya. The fruit is milled well and mixed with half a glass of yogurt. The products are mixed up and the mash is placed directly on the hair. Stay with it in the next 30 minutes, then rinse the mask.


Without split ends by means of simple home masks. After a month you will notice a visible improvement in the condition of your hair.


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