Easy shaping of the hair

Image:©Andrey Kiselev/ Fotolia

Regardless whether you are going to the fitness or a club or an informal lunch meeting, the good hair style will make everybody turn after you.

Flattened from the top, wavy down: Put on straightening conditioner on moist roots and then put on curls sculpturing lotion along the hair.



Dry and then curl with hair curler. Work with thick 5-centimeter strands of hair to be sure that the curls will be soft and loose.

Diva: To improvise, first put on a thickening spray to moist the hair. After that dry with the blow dryer at lower level of blowing while at the same time mess up the strands.


Once the hair is dry, curl some random strands on your finger and then on the inner side of the hair curler (do not press them). Shake your head to separate the curls.



Image:© yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia




Smooth pony tail: First of all put on straightening cream (not too much in order not the grease the hair) on moist hair and blow dry while straightening it. Smooth the hair backwards and make the pony tail high on the top of your hair – the higher the better. Cover the sling with a satin bow or wrap a thin strand of hair around it.





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