The hair dye can cause diseases

Image:© Maksim Toome / Fotolia

Very often women prefer henna, which according to some people not only colors but strengthens the hair. This is not true. In comparison with the henna some contemporary labels of hair dye are much more appropriate, they nourish the hair and do not exhaust it. Even with the most qualitative hair dye you should be careful. Often experiments with various hair color labels, even more with henna, can lead to diseases of the head’s skin or the roots of your hair. So women who often dye their hair should see a physician if they feel like they have a problem due to dyeing and even if they do not see their hair getting thinner. The latter may be prevented with treating.

Never cut or pluck your gray hairs – it will grow back again. To slow down the graying, you can take vitamins B, B1, B2, B6. At the same time use para-amino-benzene and folic acid, they can help you recover the natural color of your hair.

Sometimes we wrongly consider the change in the color to gray due to various diseases – often seborrhea, copper deficiency in the body, wrong functioning of the thyroid gland. You should try to remedy the infections on your head such as chronic otitis, tonsillitis and dental caries. It is important to treat and inflammations in the gastrointestinal tract and in other body systems. You should understand that hair becomes unattractive not only because of the early graying but because other also unpleasant factors – thinning, hair fall etc. The main enemies of the hair are UV lights, hair coloring, dirty automobile gas, streets.



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