Hair garnished with а ribbon

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Impressive and beautiful hairstyles with a ribbon as the main character, tailored to the latest fashion trends in the world of the haircuts


The ribbon is no longer a privilege only for the girls that are 10 years old. On the contrary, it has become an extremely up to date accessory that could refresh even the most stringent vision, adding a touch of femininity and a great deal of charm.

And in this article we will answer the question of how to include the ribbon in your appearance for less than a minute, creating with its help spectacular and beautiful hairstyles, of course, according to the latest fashion trends.


Voluminous high bun decorated with a big bow at the bottom, is a great option for a haircut when you are about to go out in the evening immediately after the end of the workday.


Simultaneously girly gentle and sexy feminine is the vintage hairstyle, in which the hair is slightly wavy and two side strands at the front around the face are wrapped with a soft ribbon.


If you have very long hair, this hairstyle will be very convenient. Beforehand, slightly tighten the top of the hair, then wrap it with a ribbon.


Another suggestion for a vintage hairstyle – using a scarf or a thick ribbon, form a diadem around your head. Tie it up to one side – it does not matter which one you will choose, try them both and see which one you like better.


If you are looking for something simple and elegant for an official dinner bet on a little brooch for hair in the shape of a ribbon.


Another option is to obtain a diadem adorned with a decorative ribbon made of fabric, metal or plastic.


Very suitable for the everyday life is a small hairpin or a clip for hair in the shape of a ribbon with which to store your fringe to one side.


If you want to be very eccentric and attract the attention of others, you can bet on a huge ribbon placed slightly out of the center of your head.


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