How not to ruin your hair when dieting

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When we start yet another diet, inspired by the idea that we will look stunning in our new swimsuit or just feel lighter, we hardly imagine that besides the hated pounds we could lose and part of our thoroughly reared hair. Yes, the changes in our diet affect, our precious mane and each deprivation can harm it. For example, a spectral analysis of the hair can accurately determine what has been our menu according to the presence or absence of essential minerals.

If long time you follow a diet and do not notice any change, do not rush to calm down. This is a bomb with cancelbots. The consequences for the hair are seen only after 3-4 months since from the stopping of the growth of the hair to its falling off from the follicle pass an average of 100 days. To the felled from the diet add and the hairs that were supposed to fall during this time on their own schedule… The result is starting to look menacing. Does this mean that we have to choose between beautiful hair and slender body? Absolutely not. You just have to design a proper diet, and in that time to care more intensively for your hair.


The different diets and the consequences for the hair

The Vegetarian menu often leads to a lack of proteins and iron. The most important amino acid for the hair is the cysteine, as it is an integral part of the hair keratin. It is found in meat, eggs, milk and oily fish – all foods that are taboo in the strict vegetarian diet. So if you hold of your hair, it is best to give up the extremes and at least eat dairy products and eggs. If, for you, vegetarianism is not just a way to get a fine figure, but a philosophy of life, then emphasize on the nuts and soy, which are the only of all plant products that can provide the necessary amount cysteine.

As for the iron, it is widespread in the plant products, but unfortunately in a difficult absorbable form. Therefore even if you munch at will nettle, spinach and broccoli, may occur that your body is suffering from a deficiency of this important element and the signs are thinning and breakage of the hair. Best is absorbed the iron from red meats and fish, but if you do not want to give up vegetarianism emphasize on the whole grains, oatmeal, dried fruit, beans, lentils and buckwheat.

The diet without seafood, eggs and nuts often leads to a deficiency of the trace element copper. The result is a loss of elasticity and jutting, difficult to manage hair. And if in your menu prevail the dairy products you will notice that your hair grows slower. The reason is in the excessive amounts of calcium, which blocks the absorption of the required zinc. But the greatest danger lies in the “ultra diets” that not only stop the growth of hair, but even the menstrual cycle. The stress that they cause to the hair can be compared with a large loss of blood, poisoning, or prolonged fever. But as long as these conditions continue maximum 2-3 days, then the execution of the diet could be dragged for weeks or months.


Here is what products are good to be present in your menu to reduce the risk of hair loss. This is the minimum living that will give your hair the necessary substances:

Daily – olive or sunflower oil (1 tbsp), nuts (20 g), fresh vegetables (200 g), fresh / dried fruit (100/20 g), cheese or cottage cheese (100g) bread or pasta (100g)

Through a day – oatmeal or buckwheat (half a cup), 1 egg.

Weekly – meat (500g), chicken, pork or beef liver (200 g), fish (500 g), beans, peas or lentils (200g, cooked)


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