How to choose whether to comb your hair with a comb or with a brush

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Comb or hairbrush?

The hair, along with the shoes, chocolate and the persistent curiosity is one of the biggest female obsessions. Today we know that there is no need every night to comb it 100 times, but at the expense of that we often hesitate in the choice of products and tools for its treatment. While in our notions of a woman combing her hair before the mirror we almost always visualize in her hand a large brush, not a comb, it appears that both means are equally useful. You just have to choose the best option for the particular type of hair and hairstyle.



The comb is the classic tool to comb the hair. It is preferable to be made of a natural material such as wood, because it does not generate static electricity. The wooden combs are also suitable for applying nourishing masks because they do not react chemically with the cosmetic ingredients.


The comb with rare teeth is gentle to the hair and you can use it as well after a bath, on wet hair, and if your mane is very long and easily entangles. The rare teeth are not preferable for very short hair or if you want to store the hair in a ponytail. With it you can also gently tease the roots to get more volume.


Round brushes

The cylindrical brushes are used during the drying of the hair with a hairdryer. With the bigger ones you will give maximum volume of the hair, and with the smaller you can shape curls. For smooth and straight hair choose a model with long metal or plastic bristles that will pull the hair to perfection. The wavy hair straighten with a brush with natural bristle. The effect will persist longer, and the hair will not be electrified.


Flat brushes

With them you can both comb the hair as well as to shape it. In this sense, the flat brush can be a good compromise between the comb and the round brush. Its teeth can be made from both natural hair and of metal and plastic. What we need to watch is the material of the brush, not to hurt the scalp and to minimum electrify the hair. The friendliest are the brushes of horsehair and pig bristles.


To make sure that the brush will not be too aggressive to your scalp, yet in the store do a simple test – pass the teeth on the sensitive inside of the arm. If there is no redness, then the brush is suitable and you can purchase it.


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