If you just have got your hair extended

Image:©Victoria Andreas/ Fotolia

The so called extensions that the hair dresser put in your hair will not keep their astonishing appearance for long unless you take special care for them. They are not a part of your real hair but this does not mean you do not have to pay attention to them. 

First of all, always keep your hair clean. At the salon, where they will place your extensions, they will probably recommend you products you should use. In case the hairdresser does not give you this advice, choose shampoos and conditioners for treated hair. When taking a shower it is advisable to wash your hair gradually, not to place the hair under the fast water. This way you will prevent the falling off of hair.

Next summer maybe many ladies will feel great with gorgeous hair on the beach or at the pool. When you decide to swim put on a special hat. The chemicals and the salty water are bad for your hair. In case the hat was not effective, quickly rinse.

Do not be afraid to lift up your hair. Be careful upon selection of hair clips and ribbings because some of these accessories may damage your extensions.

If you intend to make a more special hairstyle and you have to use the curling iron or hair straightener, be very careful with the high temperature of the device. If you overuse it your hair will lose its shine and you will have a very worn down look. So limit the usage of the hair dryer. Wash your hair with warm water, if you cannot afford not to use hair dryer, buy one with ionization.

Forget about dyeing your hair or curling your hair alone. Consult your hairdresser and accept that all those manipulations should be done by them.

These are very easy to do advices; if you keep them your extensions will give you a glamorous look for a long time.



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