Lightening of the hair with honey – beautiful hair in a natural way

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Lightening of the hair with honey and a bit of cinnamon


The summer is the season when an untreated with dye hair lightens naturally. The excessive exposure of the hair to direct sunlight, however is not at all useful and very healthy.


Lightening of the hair with honey


If you want to acquire one or two shades lighter hair, you can do it not only in the summer but throughout the whole year.


For the purpose you will need to become familiar with this great mask for hair, which in a natural way will give you the hairstyle you want.


Besides the fact that you will beautify your hairstyle, you will also nourish your hair.


Lightening of the hair with honey – a recipe with natural ingredients


Necessary products: Prepare homemade honey, cinnamon, olive oil and water. Bet on products with proven quality and a slightly higher price in order to be sure in the ingredients.


Preparation of the mask: You need a glass bowl. In it put a quarter cup of homemade honey. Note: It is not mandatory to liquefy it in a water bath, but it is advisable that it is not heavily sugared.


Add to the bowl 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, 2 tablespoons olive oil and half a glass of water. Stir in order to get a homogeneous mixture with which is covered the entire hair (well combed and slightly damp hair).


Make a turban on your head with a towel (warmed mandatory) and place a shower hat on top of it.


With the mask stay within 4 hours. During this time, the ingredients will act at their maximum. In order to not get bored, do some housework or other work while you are with the mask.


Clean up at your place watch a movie or read a book. Without noticing the time will come to enjoy the effect of the mask. You will be pleased of the two and even three shades lighter hair.


The lightening of the hair with honey does not damage but strengthens the hair. The amazing mask may be in your favor throughout the year. Recommend it to your friends if you are satisfied with the achieved result.


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