Maintain your hair according to its color

Image: © Olga Ekaterincheva / Fotolia

Nature has benefited us with a wide variety of hair colors and their shades – raven, brown, gold and fiery red. Each of these colors has its own unique beauty. Therefore the eternal dispute who are more attractive – brunettes or blondes, could never be resolved. So no matter with what hair nature has gifted you (or you have transformed yourselves), reveal its beauty with proper and sparing care.

● The black hair

The black hairs hide mystery and southern temperament. If they are natural their hair is most often thick and flexible. Therefore their proud owners rarely have a problem with the volume and density. But it is necessary to achieve a stunning shine in order your black hair to look perfect. This effect can be achieved with fruit acids, which close the pores of the hair and make it smooth and light reflective. In the past, people rinsed their hair with vinegar dissolved in water, but if you do not want to smell of vinegar, replace it with lemon juice or select a cosmetic product for shine. There are a whole series with Citrus medica – a type of Mediterranean lemon.

● The golden fleece

The blond hair is a symbol of irresistible femininity. If it is natural it exudes purity and innocence, while the colored hairs issue bright charms. However, whether it is natural or not, the blond hair is with thin hairs. This gives it an exclusive refinement, but there is a danger with the wrong care to look exhausted and lifeless. The first thing you should pay attention to is the shade of the color. Not only can the visit to a swimming pool, but even the change of the shampoo change the shade of the blond. Therefore choose products designed specifically for light hair. Most of them contain chamomile extract, which gives tender golden shades to the hair. You alone can prepare a decoction of the herb with which to rinse your hair. Because of its fine structure, the blond hair is more prone to flowering and electrification. To avoid these unpleasant effects always apply a protective spray or crystals at the ends. Do not forget and the nourishing mask.

● The fiery mane

The natural redheaded are very rare. Most ladies with fiery manes dye their hair, and this is one of the hardest colors to maintain. The sun and the universal cosmetic products very rapidly take away from the saturation of the chosen shade. Therefore necessarily choose series for colored hair. Do not ignore the protective spray with UV filter which always apply before going out in the sun.

● The brown hair

The brown hair has the most natural appearance. You can give it a beautiful hue with the help of a decoction of walnut leaves. Rinse with it your hair after every wash. For those who prefer to trust the manufactured product, can look for cosmetics with extracts of walnut, and why not chocolate.


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