Modern hairstyles according to the shape of the face

Image: © larisabozhikova / Fotolia

We offer you some easy impressive hairstyles that, consistent with the shape of the face will complement in the best way your overall vision.

The beautiful hairstyle is the best accessory for every woman. Selected properly and according to the occasion, it has the ability to highlight the facial features and attract appreciative glances.


Oval face shape

The oval is the classical shape of the face with the best balance of the proportions. The ladies of such shape can afford different experiments, provided they are adapted to the occasion and place. Release your mane to fall freely or gather it in a stylish bun. The bolder ladies can bet on a beautiful scarf with which to wrap their head like a turban.


Round face shape

The ladies with fluffy face and cheeks should be very careful with the short bangs because it optically shortens the face and it looks even rounder. Instead bet on freely flowing hair with light ringlets or a high ponytail. If you are a fan of the short haircuts, then choose one that surrounds and frames the face. Versatile and effective option is a short bob with long bangs.


Oblong face shape

The oblong face, opposite to the round one looks perfect with the short bangs. Very good option is and long hair flowing to one side. To this you can add and retro ringlets. Also, do not overlook the bands and tiaras. For a more interesting look you can bet on a fishbone or other type of beautiful braid again braided to one side.


Square face shape

In this case it is very important the focus to be at the upper part of the face in order to distract the attention from the jaw, which actually makes this characteristic shape of the face. For this purpose best bet on volume at the roots and short bangs. If you have a long mane, then avoid volume and ringlets in length.


Heart face shape

Thus is called the combination of high and wide cheekbones and narrow chin. In order not to upload visually the cheekbones even higher, best avoid the strong volume at the roots and high ponytail or bun. Instead bet on volume and ringlets in the lengths and many layers. Another option is piled up hair with small accents such as braids.


Pear face shape

In this embodiment the lower part of the face is wider, but in contrast to the square shape, it is not a question for the jaw, but rather for the cheeks. The pear shaped face requires strong volume at the top and tucked or heavily waxed lengths. One of the most spectacular hairstyles in this case is short bob with long bangs. If you love the comfort tie your hair in a high ponytail or bun.


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