Myths about the hair

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As women, we are always wondering how to improve our appearance. Whether we try to improve the condition of our skin, nails or our hair?


The truth is that there are all sorts of rumors. Each hairdresser gives different advice, the magazines write another, a friend of ours tells us third.


We offer you our opinion on some of the popular facts about the maintenance of the hair:


After a certain age, women should NOT keep their hair short – after 40 years of age, the long hair not necessarily makes you look older, but given the fact that it thins with age, give it a little volume by cutting it in interesting layers and then stir it up around the face. The smooth, straight and equal hair is too harsh.


It is not mandatory the bangs to be straight – some stylists recommend to put on your wet bangs a stylizing product, then to smooth it gently with your hand to one side and leave it to dry on its own. In this way is formed a beautiful wave that softens the whole face.


Do not reduce the temperature – the popular rumor that when we straighten our hair with the press it is better to be in a low temperature may prove to be incorrect. Some stylists say that when we use the press at low temperature, we have to pass through a lock many more times, which is actually very tiring for the hair. It is not entirely deprived of logic.


Going to the hairdresser every month is not necessary – the truth is that the hair just does not grow so fast. In the majority of haircuts at least 3 months are needed to completely lose their shape. Especially if you want to have long hair, if you trim it every month, that means it will always remain seated on that length. In order to grow progressively it must be trimmed at least per month and a half.


To maintain nevertheless, the ends healthy, the stylists recommend the usage of a moisturizing cream or serum.


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