Options for hairstyle with bangs for the low-brow

Image:© olly / Fotolia

The bangs, besides being a great addition to your hairstyle can balance the shape of your hair by covering a few imperfections.

Through it we can optically change the height of our forehead. The trick is in the length of the bangs.

See the most appropriate bangs for the low-brow:

Baby bangs:
The most common mistake of the low-brow ladies is to try and cover it with thick bangs which to entirely cover the forehead.

This bangs is not appropriate because it narrows the face. Instead, make a short baby bangs.

Regardless of the length of the hair the baby bangs opens partially the forehead; it balances well the proportions of the face and gives it a nice, romantic shape.
Such bangs looks good with straight and curly hair.

Messy bangs:

The messy bangs attracts the attention to the forehead. The chaotic strands of hair with different length optically create the illusion for higher forehead, which often balances the hair proportions.
If it`s asymmetric, the overall appearance of the hair is interesting and untraditional. Such bangs covers only half of the forehead creating the illusion for higher forehead and harmonic proportions of the face.

One-side bangs:
Thinned and layered bangs on one side are an ideal solution for lower-brow ladies who do not like short bangs.
This type of bangs covers as well as shows a small part of the forehead. It balances well the proportions of the face. It’s appropriate for straight as well as wavy hair. With the assistance of stylizing products the shape and location can be maintained the entire day.




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