Protection of the hair from the evil winter

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How to protect our “mane” from breaking and drying in the cold days?

The cold temperatures and winds dry the hair to the utmost, make it thin and brittle. This is due to the very little moisture in the dry frost. It is important to do everything possible to keep the moisture in our hair.


Hairdresser before the snow

The first tip you must follow is to take care of your hair before it gets -15 ° C outside. Visit your hairdresser. It is important to do it in order to get rid of the exhausted, flowering ends. This will give freedom and vitality of the hair, and they will be extremely needed in the winter.


The conditioner should not be ignored

You must forget about all summer products and styling products for hair. Especially those that protect from the sun. Winter UV rays are very much needed during the cold months and there is no need to stop them with artificial products. Instead, it is better to use ones that contain enough nutrients and vitamins.

It is good in every wash to use conditioner. In the majority of variants, it strengthens the damaged hair. Moreover, some of your favorite winter accessories, such as wool and cotton hats additionally dry “the mane”.

Nowadays on the market there are different types of conditioners. Nice is also except a nourishing one, to use a product of the type “without washing”. Apply each time before using a hair dryer or press. This will protect your hair from the high temperature and it will remain soft and shiny.


Do not forget the mask!

Besides the conditioner for everyday use, it is good and once a week to do a mask – for nourishing and strengthening of rebellious the hair. You can buy a ready mix, which is similar in texture to the conditioner, or to make it at home.


Hairstyles without too much styling products

Try during the cold months to use as little as possible lacquer, foam or gel. They dry the hair too much and make it unable to fight the winter. Furthermore, styling products can cause loss of hair, and tangled ends. Try hairstyles like a bun, pony tail or braid in different variants. This way you will at the same time have a sophisticated hairstyle and will not harass your hair.


Scalp care

Besides the hair, the scalp also must be protected from drying. Many people form natural lubricants and they need not to worry about the problems with hydration. In others, however, things are not so easy. If your hair is dry all year round, you probably have a problem with the natural moisturizing. The solution in this case is quite easy – try not to wash it so often. Instead of every day or every other day, try to wait 3-4 days without harassing your scalp with water and shampoo.

Compliance with these advices is not difficult, and you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Besides a beautiful and stylish coat for the winter, you will also have soft and healthy hair.


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