Recipes for thick hair

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Recipes for thick hair and volume at the roots

Enjoy the maximum of these great recipes for thick hair that will make you smile every time you look in the mirror.


It will no longer scare you as you spot your beautiful hairstyle, for which you will not give away your last money saved.


Everything is achieved as long as you believe in it and give it a chance to be implemented.


Although you have thin hair, and think that this problem has no solution, we will try to convince you exactly the opposite.


Recipes for thick hair – real magic for the hair


Recipe 1: You need aloe vera gel, a glass of brandy and an egg. Make a a mixture which is applied to the head. Stay with the mask for some time (about half an hour) and remove it. The procedure is performed every two weeks.


Recipe for volume: Wash your hair as usual, then rinse again with a jug of hot water and 3 tablespoons of apple vinegar. You will enjoy more volume.


Recipe 3: You need aloe vera, mayonnaise and tomato. The three ingredients are placed in a juicer. The mixture is applied immediately before bedtime. The head is covered with a cap and you will be sleeping that way. The next day the hair is washed with shampoo.


Recipe 4: Obtain oil of lavender. For this purpose, do massages with the oil. Massage the scalp, but regularly. This procedure helps in a more rapid hair growth.


Recipe 5: Thicken the hair with hot peppers. You need a ceramic vessel. In it put a cut into pieces large pepper. Add to it 125 ml of vodka. This mixture is coated well and left in this way the next 3 days. Strain, removing all pieces of chilli.

Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil and store the mixture in a bottle. Shake well and only then you can place it on your hair. Massages the scalp with it shortly before bedtime.


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