Revive your hair effortlessly with apple vinegar

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Apple vinegar for the hair – beauty, style, brilliance


The cider vinegar for hair is one of the domestic means, which is famous for its magnificent qualities. There are all sorts of beauty treatments for skin and hair which you can make at home and with natural ingredients.


Some of them are effective, others not that much. In order not to wonder what to bet on, we suggest that you focus on the safe ones.


The secret lies in the use of apple vinegar for hair. You will definitely give a new chance to your hair and you will enjoy perfect results after a very short time.


Apple vinegar for hair – three wonderful applications


Recipe against dandruff: You need only one cap of concentrated apple vinegar.


It is placed on the skin of the scalp and a massage is performed. Stay this way within half an hour and wash with water.


Recipe for soft hair: You will need to obtain a spray bottle (with a spray nozzle). Take 1/3 cup of apple vinegar and mix it with just over one liter of water.


Add the mixture of vinegar and water in the bottle, then shake well. Leave it in the bathroom to use it right there. Spray your hair with it after you have washed it with a proper shampoo.


We can call the resulting mixture a perfect substitute for a hair conditioner. You may even not wash it off. The smell will evaporate as soon as the hair dries.


Recipe for washing: Once every 7 days, add ¼ cup of apple vinegar to the shampoo you use. The amount varies with the length of your hair.


It is necessary to wash the usual way and then apply balsam to your hair. You are ready with a beautiful and noticeable haircut!


Try with apple vinegar for your hair and you will see that there is an effect. The home procedures will improve the look of your hair.




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